Root Canal Retreatment

Specialized Root Canal Retreatment Services in Rancho Bernardo & 4S Ranch

At Hekmat Dental Care, located in Rancho Bernardo and 4S Ranch near Poway, Del Sur, and Carmel Mountain, San Diego, we understand that sometimes root canal therapy doesn’t meet its intended results. Our Root Canal Retreatment services are specifically designed to correct previous treatments that haven’t fully resolved your dental issues. We’re here to help ensure your oral health is completely restored.

The Need for Root Canal Retreatment:

Root canal retreatment involves the meticulous removal of existing crowns and packing materials, followed by a thorough cleansing of the root canals. This process is crucial for cases where a treated tooth may not have healed properly or when patients experience complications post-surgery. Despite its similarities to the initial procedure, the success rate for root canal retreatment stands at an encouraging 75%.

Advantages of Root Canal Retreatment:

Opting for root canal retreatment offers several advantages over extraction, particularly when the treated tooth has good bone support, a stable surface, and healthy gums. Besides being a cost-effective option, it preserves the natural tooth, providing a more aesthetically pleasing and easier-to-maintain alternative to dental implants or extensive bridgework.

Common Reasons for Root Canal Retreatment:

Various factors can contribute to the unexpected failure of initial root canal therapy, including:

  • Leakage from a cracked crown or filling material.
  • Untreated curved or narrow canals during the initial procedure.
  • Delays in placing restorative devices.
  • New decay or fractures in the treated tooth.
  • Saliva entering the restorative structure.
  • Undetected complex canal structures.

Root Canal Retreatment Procedure:

The root canal retreatment process, typically completed in 1-3 visits, involves the following key steps:

  1. Anesthesia and Precision Isolation:

    • Local anesthesia for patient comfort.
    • Isolation of the affected tooth with a rubber dam to maintain a sterile environment.
  2. Access and Thorough Removal:

    • Removal of crowns and posts if present.
    • Extraction of filling material and obstructions using advanced ultrasonic handpieces.
  3. Precise Cleaning and Shaping:

    • Precision cleaning and reshaping of root canals with specialized instruments.
    • Utilization of X-rays to ensure meticulous cleaning.
  4. Effective Packing and Sealing:

    • Application of gutta-percha to seal the canals, preventing bacterial intrusion.
    • Provisional crown or filling application, with a permanent crown placement scheduled later.
  5. Follow-up Assurance:

    • Thorough verification of completely clean and sealed root canals.
    • Placement of a color-matched permanent crown in subsequent visits.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding root canal retreatment, Hekmat Dental Care is available to provide detailed information and expert care. Feel free to contact us in our Rancho Bernardo office at (858) 485-5925  to discuss your specific needs.

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